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Welcome to Pondr

Everyone experiences emotions, but sometimes it’s hard to understand and express them. Pondr lets parents create a personalized digital experience to build their child’s emotional intelligence. It’s simple, fun, and easy to integrate into a routine.

What Is Pondr?

Ponder is a web platform that makes learning about and expressing emotions fun for children and useful for parents. We understand that emotions can be complicated, but we believe they don’t have to be.

Pondr for Parents


A Personalized Experience

Children are different in all the best ways, and that’s why we give parents the power to customize their child’s digital experience. Parents can change anything from font styles and colour palettes to audio instruction settings.

Beneficial Insights

The parental dashboard displays information about how your child has been feeling lately for you and only you. This lets you identify patterns so that you can understand how your child feels on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis.

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On and Off-Screen Support

Parents get access to articles about how to get the most out of Pondr and spark healthy and helpful conversations about emotional intelligence with their child. Additionally, print-outs are provided for those non-digital activities.

Pondr for Kids


Friendly Support

Activities are much more fun when a friend tags along. Children get to pick a character that will join them in every Pondr activity which will encourage them to learn and express emotions. This creates a fun and consistent experience.

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Errorless Learning

No wrong answers here. Pondr has been designed so that no matter how children interact with the platform, they will continue to learn and grow in a positive way. It’s important to us that Pondr creates a positive learning environment. 

Smooth Integration

Using new tools can be overwhelming. That’s why Pondr focuses on creating a simple, non-overwhelming experience that can be easily integrated into routines. It’s also accessible on any computer or tablet making it easy to use.


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